I am trying hard to understand why some groups of people, including two Walla Walla City Council members, are taking to the streets as if this health crisis is some kind of political cause.

The health professionals in this town, the mayor and the city manager, the Department of Community Health, are working hard day and night to make this town safe for all of us. It is not hard to wear a mask. It is not hard to keep distance from others.

What is hard is to see people in the streets threatening the lives of others. My husband is an ER doctor. When he sees you in the emergency room he is not going to turn you away because you went to a party or gathered in the streets. He will give you the respect he gives everyone else.

You who feel that you cannot wait for a measured opening-up based on objective data; I urge you to pause for a minute and think about how you can be mindful of others in this community.

Robynne Snow

Walla Walla