Some thoughts on the Hayden Homes ad in the U-B:

The Bachtold development would not be low density, in my view, as it states in the ad. It will be using the newly approved zoning changes passed by City Council on Dec 19, 2018. The purpose of this change was to increase density.

While legally allowed to present just a concept drainage plan in its application and considering past drainage problems, is it too much to ask that we see the actual drainage plan? This is a big development that will make profound changes to the topography of the field should Hayden’s plan get approved.

It will be taking on additional water from the field above Kendall Road. It will be increasing the amount of impervious surface, so a concept plan doesn’t give me a lot of peace of mind.

Even its engineers at the end of the engineering report state: “It is possible that soil, rock, or groundwater conditions could vary between or beyond the points explored. If soil, rock, or groundwater conditions are encountered during construction that differ from those described herein, the client is responsible for ensuring that PBS is notified immediately so that we may re-evaluate the recommendations of this report.”

About that traffic. What it doesn’t tell you is that 300 morning trips and 400 evening trips take place at one of two prime times at the affected intersections. It doesn’t tell you that to mitigate some of that increase the city will have to consider banning parking within 300 feet of these intersections so left-hand turn lanes can be installed.

Parents will no longer be able to park on the street to pick up their children at Prospect Point.

There are other safety issues as well.

I appreciate the community giving, but we should be clear about who is doing the donating. I have seen the covenants regarding Hayden Homes. Those owning a Hayden Home, whether buying or selling, are forced to donate 1 percent of the sale price to its charitable foundation. Just who is donating?

For a company that claims to have been here 20 years, would it be too much to ask to place a true picture of the Bachtold land on its website and its ad? The land isn’t flat, far from it. Is this just a preview of coming attractions after grading and filling?

Please examine the plan and make comment before August 12.

Jonathan Bruhn

     Walla Walla 

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