Perhaps you have noticed the slick campaign mailers and very expensive television ads attacking Bill Jenkin, Republican candidate for state Senate, 16th Legislative District.

Jenkin has been a great two-term state representative. From out of the blue, these ads do not seem right to me. They falsely claim he is open to raising taxes, which has never been Jenkin’s style.

Bill told me the statement attributed to the U-B about raising taxes arose by misuse of just a portion of an old U-B interview explaining his openness to debating taxes in the Legislature.

The fine print on the slick ads says paid for by Columbia Voice PAC in Olympia (Sponsored by Washington Realtors PAC.) Among the top donors is “Stand for Children Washington’ and Seattle King County Association of Realtors. No Local realtors are involved.

My web search for “Columbia Voice” took me directly to the Public Disclosure Commission, the state agency that regulates campaigns, candidates and lobbyists in Washington. Whoever its members are, “Columbia Voice (Sponsored by Washington Realtors PAC)” has violation reports pending at PDC regarding failure to disclose who paid for some very expensive political advertising around the state.

Web search for “Stand for Children Washington” reveals it is one of 11 state organizations all headquartered in Portland, Oregon. It claims to be grassroots, but Wikipedia says the major funders include Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In the “Stand for Children Washington” website, check under the tab marked “latest news” to see their executive director calling for support of the Black Lives Matter movement in Seattle.

These are the kind of people fighting against Jenkin. They are big enough to break the law with seeming impunity and skip away laughing because they know they will not be caught.

Jenkin has the endorsements of the NRA, the Family Policy Institute and the Human Life PAC. Jenkin stands up to westside special interests that want make us more like them.

Jenkin is the only candidate running in this Senate race with proven legislative experience. The others have never been in the Legislature before. I believe that Jenkin has earned and deserves our vote.

Stephen Peck

Walla Walla