I write to alert our city to the dangerous annexation planned for the south side of town. A subdivision for a population the size of Waitsburg is planned by Hayden Homes in a hundred acre wheat field (the Bachtold property) between Cottonwood and Kendall roads, just south of Wa-Hi and Prospect Point Elementary School.

How is this small city of people going to get to work, or to the store or to school? They are going to be driving up Second Avenue, Fern Street, School Avenue and South Wilbur Avenue.

Are you all ready for some traffic? If not, your time is running out.

Elizabeth Chamberlain at the city of Walla Walla Development Services needs to hear from us, in writing, by Monday at 5 p.m. (Do you get the feeling something is getting pushed through? It is!)

The address is 55 E. Moore St in Walla Walla. Let’s take this as seriously as it really is. Something big is about to happen to our city, and we have less than a week to try to stop it.

Brad Green

Walla Walla

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