There seems to be a large deficit in giving thought to what you write, say or discuss when talking about this great country. The classic statement of today is that “No one is above the law — not even the president.”

There does seem to be an exception to this statement and that being the liberal Democrats and illegal immigrants. These exceptions are the only chosen few to be eligible for they are “presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

To put this into perspective: Do you favor socialism? Do you favor open borders (accepting large amounts of drugs and numerous gangs coming into this country)? Do you favor infanticide but condemn capital punishment? Do you favor gun control (with the open borders you are “assuming” that the guns that the Obama administration (with Attorney General Eric Holder) sold to the cartels will not come back to this country)? Do you favor raising taxes? Are you concerned and condemning the administration about the children of illegals being held on the border but have no concern or empathy for the millions of legal children in the dregs of poverty? Do you favor using taxes to eliminate student debt? Do you favor the continuing impeachment charade instead of actually putting legislation together for the benefit of the legal citizens of this country? Do you favor allowing persons of Congress to make despicable comments about this great country? Do you favor climate-control data without real proof other than from overpaid scientists?

So just to put the above paragraph into perspective in the words of Jeff Foxworthy: “You might be a liberal Democrat.”

Personally, I believe that President Donald J. Trump is doing a grand job at bringing back this great country before the destruction by the presidency of Barack Obama.

This president has brought back the respect and decency (with no help from the liberal Democrats) to the flag, law enforcement and the military. Much more work is needed due to the ignorance of certain militant groups of people and the lack of integrity and governance by certain governors to abide by the federal regulations of this great country.

Myron Wallmow

Walla Walla