Reading some of the letters written by anti-Trump, pro-Clinton poor losers has inspired me to concoct this letter.

The other day I felt a burst of energy to go for a hike. So thinking about where I wanted to pursue my journey, I ended up parking alongside the Walla Walla River. Hiking along on a path through a heavily wooded area I happened to spot a familiar hairy figure hiking the opposite direction.

So we met and sat down for a chat. We did end up agreeing that it is summer so it is warm out and we were both sweating so we shared a sip of water and then we both continued on our way. Making my way through the wooded area I came across a clearing overlooking the Walla Walla River. Lo and behold, out of the water the Loch Ness Monster peeked out just checking to see who was in the area.

 After noticing that I was no harm, the Monster came up on the bank and we settled into some serious discussion about how the water was warm and by now all the snow had melted. After further discussion, we agreed that it was summer and the temperatures and the weather were normal for this time of year as Mother Nature does not really plan on what will be doled out.

So we shared a sip of lemonade (I had packed some in my backpack), and we parted ways. As I continued on my way, going back to my vehicle, I contemplated what had transpired on my relaxing hike through some beautiful area. I was very happy that I would be able to share this story.

Now, if you find this concocted story satirical, you’re normal, but if you think that I was concocting this letter as a fantasy, then you are probably one of those anti-Trump, pro-Clinton poor losers.

When you have two individuals as leaders in the Democrat Party in the House and Senate who have been in the political positions for over 60 years, it is not the president’s fault. If your letters are only written to condemn the president, your fantasies are no different than the previous tale.

    Myron Wallmow

     Walla Walla

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