I have known Adam Kirtley since my family moved back to Walla Walla in 2006. I am proud to call Adam a friend, but I was surprised when he asked me to write a letter in support of his campaign.

While Adam and I have many things in common — dedication to family, love of community, and an appreciation for the value of education — we approach politics from somewhat different perspectives. Nonetheless, Adam and I have had many conversations about politics, and what I have come to appreciate is that while we don’t always agree, Adam always listens. More importantly, he doesn’t just listen to humor me, or with the hope of identifying and attacking some weakness in my logic. Rather, he listens out of a desire to embrace and appreciate different points of view.

I know Adam to be a deliberately thoughtful person who will do his homework, who will bring together and listen to alternative points of view, and who will make the decisions that are best for this community. These are traits I value. These are traits our elected representatives should have. And these are the traits that underlie my support of Adam Kirtley for City Council.

Damien Sinnott

Walla Walla

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