Many Americans are dismayed that President Trump publicly lies and commits illegal acts without losing any supporters.

The reason is that America has changed dramatically in the 21st century. For over 200 years, America was a middle-class country. Middle-class people have their eyes on the future. They believe in personal sacrifice to ensure that the next generation will enjoy an even better life.

America has become a lower-class society because a very large percentage of our people now do not earn enough money to live comfortably. And lower-class people tend to live day to day.

 Today, many Americans only want increased income. They could care less if their leader lies or commits illegal acts. They do not honor or revere our republic as they have in days gone by.

President Trump knows the people he governs. He knows he can lie to them and commit illegal acts. They will remain faithful to him rather than our republic because he promises to increase their wealth while denying wealth and opportunity to people of color.

 Trump’s supporters would rather have their trains run on time than have a country that lives up to its proclamation that “All men are created equal.”

 L. Robert Evans

College Place