While volunteering in my political party's booth at the fair last week, one of the first visitors we had was a very angry older man clearly identifying himself with assault rifle clothing and a dirty, worn cap demonstrating allegiance to our 45th President. As he postured himself, his question to us was, "How is your life been better in the last six months?" My instinct was to say we definitely have more kindness and compassion coming from the White House, which makes my life much better.

I want to urge you to look at Gustavo Reyna for Walla Walla City Council. I first read his bio in the U-B's election coverage, and thought, "Wow!" Then I heard him speak, and couldn't believe how fortunate we were to have someone of his qualifications, experience and, yes, compassion want to volunteer his time to help our community.

I am so incredibly sad at how angry our citizens are. We need leadership that is inclusive and will bring us together, not people who are bringing their own agenda to the job.

Please reach out to Gustavo and have a conversation with him. You will walk away with hope, I assure you.

Janis Corn

Walla Walla

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