While reading the Sunday paper last weekend amidst the thousands of words on the subject of COVID-19 was a brief sentence stating,  “According to the CDC If 80% of us wore masks 100% of the time outside, we would squash COVID in a month and be able to manage it from there.”

This is not the first time I’ve heard this statement made having heard it directly from a physician at the UW school of oral medicine who is on the committee setting the standards on how to safely reopen the entire UW medical facilities.

My question is why, instead of this information being conveyed in a letter to the editor, is it not on the front page of every newspaper in America or the lead story of every broadcast or internet news source in existence?

People wear your masks. This is no joke, COVID-19 is now a part of the human condition! In some form or another, we don’t know yet how, we will be dealing with it for a very long time.

Tim Sampson

  Walla Walla