Washington state has proven mail-in ballot is secure

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Mail-in balloting has, over and over, proven to be a safe and extremely reliable way to vote.

Washington state has been casting its ballots only by mail since 2011, and is one of five states that use mail-in ballots exclusively. History shows it works — and works well.

So, as President Trump continues to use Twitter and his stump speeches to claim mail-in voting will be the source of fraud in the November election, Washington’s secretary of state, Republican Kim Wyman, and Julie Wise, the director of King County elections, are now in the national spotlight. They are being asked to explain, as experts, the reasons mail-in voting is among the most secure ways to vote.

Voting by mail is now a national issue as the coronavirus pandemic has many states offering more vote-by-mail options for the upcoming election. It’s seen as a way to reduce voter-to-voter contact at the polls, particularly in states where long lines on election day are the norm.

The New York Times reached out to Wyman and Wise to explain the safeguards in mail-in voting.

“As with all types of balloting, registration vetting is one of the most important steps to ensure that the people who are getting ballots in the mail are qualified to vote them. Washington state checks to make sure the person is not already registered elsewhere in the state and also verifies personal information, such as date of birth and Social Security number, to confirm it is a real person,” wrote New York Times reporter Mike Baker.

Baker also wrote about safeguards linked to individual ballots in Washington state.

“Ballots in Washington state are tied to specific individuals, with unique bar codes that record the path of the ballot — a protection that would also, incidentally, make it difficult for a foreign country to print counterfeit ballots. Voters can actually track to see when their ballots have been mailed, when the election office has received them back and whether they have been counted,” he wrote.

And that’s just a few of myriad steps taken to thwart voter fraud.

It seems that Trump did not reason himself into his belief that mail-in balloting is fraudulent, so it’s impossible to reason him out of that stand. However, it has been proven over and over that his claims are false.

The expansion of mail-in voting in the 2020 election won’t sacrifice security, but it will make it easier and safer for Americans to vote.

Washington state, as well as Oregon, have served as real-life laboratories to demonstrate that indeed it is the case.