The Walla Walla City Council will now stream — as in broadcast on the internet — its regular two-monthly meetings and work sessions live to the public.

Walla Wallans, and those interested in the Walla Walla Valley, should make an effort to tune in regularly to the broadcasts or, at least, browse the archives if wanting information about a city issue. The meetings can be viewed on the City Council page at

Instead of simply finding out what the Council decided, watching the video should offer a glimpse at how that decision was reached. It should add some insight into city government.

The state Legislature and U.S. Congress have been broadcast live over cable TV for many years, and it’s resulted in bringing government closer to the people.

 This is why the late Sen. Jeannette Hayner, R-Walla Walla, was one of the founders of TVW, which broadcasts the Legislature and other state government meetings. Hayner’s strong leadership resulted in the building in which TVW is housed being named the Jeannette C. Hayner Media Center.

The same access to the federal government comes from C-SPAN. It’s been must-see TV for many Americans. But even those who tune in occasionally derive benefit.

 Having video and audio access to Council meetings and its workshops, which is where many of the issues are fleshed out, should serve Walla Walla in the same fashion.

 When the Council decided to spend about $140,000 to do a total makeover of the electronics in the Council Chamber at City Hall, many felt that was too much to spend. Yes, that’s a hefty amount, but tech is expensive.

 The move needed to be done. The audio-only offered from the Council meetings wasn’t good enough. The quality of the recorded audio was lousy. In addition, the computer and projector system needed replacing as it was difficult to view and difficult to operate.

The audio video upgrade at City Hall was needed. The ability to offer live streaming of City Council meetings and workshops was needed.

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