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Secretary of State Wyman deserves to be re-elected

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Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman has done an outstanding job overseeing the state’s elections for the past eight years.

We see no reason to replace her, particularly at a time when election security and voter access are a concern around the nation. Washington’s elections are among the nation’s most secure.

Wyman’s challenger, Gael Tarleton, is certainly capable of running the Secretary of State’s Office even though she has no experience overseeing elections.

Tarleton, a Democrat, is a four-term state representative and a former Port of Seattle commissioner. She has 30 years of experience as a senior defense intelligence and national security analyst where she focused on threats from Russia.

Tarleton is well versed in cyber security. And as a state legislator, it’s clear she has a solid understanding of state government.

If elected, Tarleton would, in time, get up to speed on running the Secretary of State’s Office. Still, there would likely be some bumps along the way.

But Wyman, who had experience as the Thurston County Auditor before being elected Secretary of State in 2012, is doing an outstanding job. She has earned a third term.

Wyman, a Republican, has run her office in a nonpartisan way as did her two predecessors, Sam Reed and Ralph Munro, also Republicans.

Wyman puts the public before partisan politics time after time, which has not always endeared her to GOP officials or Democratic Party leaders.

In fact, Wyman is proposing the secretary of state become a nonpartisan position like the superintendent of public instruction. That’s an excellent idea. It should happen as soon as possible.

Wyman has made Washington’s vote-by-mail system the model to emulate. She is consistently sought after for advice from officials from other states (Democrats as well as Republicans) and is the go-to expert when the national media wants insights on vote-by-mail and election security.

She knows her stuff and her office is well managed.

Wyman has the endorsement of 24 of the state’s 39 county auditors, including three Democrats and several independents. In addition, she has an even longer list of former county auditors — of both parties — who favor her re-election.

Wyman has 27 years of real-life election experience and a track record of ensuring access to all voters.

Wyman has earned the public’s trust. We urge Wyman be re-elected to a third term.