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Kreidler should be re-elected insurance commisioner

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Washington state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler is the obvious choice in the Nov. 3 election.

Kreidler, a Democrat, has been in office for two decades and has done a fine job. He has earned another term.

His challenger, Republican Chirayu Avinash Patel, is not qualified. To quote from Patel’s statement in the state’s official Voters’ Pamphlet: “I will be the External Insurance Commissioner for 60% of the time. Mr. Kriedler (sic) and Mr. Welti would each be External Insurance Commissioner for 20% of the time if I am elected Insurance Commissioner. I would fill the roles of Ronald, Nancy and Nixon, and Mr. Kriedler (sic) would be assigned the role of Carter and Mr. Welti would be Gerald Ford.”

Hmm, OK then.

Kreidler plans to continue focusing on working to make certain quality insurance is available for Washingtonians and taking action to protect those not treated fairly by insurance companies.

Kreidler said the coronavirus pandemic has created new challenges for the insurance industry. In fact, he considered retiring but decided to seek another term because of the pandemic-induced difficulties and likely action on the Affordable Care Act. He wants to more people to have access to health insurance in the state.

Kreidler expects that in the near future corrections will be made to the Affordable Care Act, and he wants to look out for Washingtonians as the process unfolds.

Kreidler said he has saved consumers over $300 million in auto and homeowners’ insurance in his 20 years in office by cutting excessive premium rates. Kreidler also said his office has recovered over $200 million in wrongfully delayed or denied claims.

Kreidler takes consumer protection extremely seriously.

For example, Kreidler is now working to stop insurance companies from using credit scores as a predictor of what claims might be filed. This can result in those with less-than-stellar credit being saddled with higher premiums regardless of their claim history.

Kreidler sees that as unfair, particularly in the midst of a pandemic when many have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.

He said he realizes he will have a tough fight with insurance companies on his hands, but he believes this is a matter of fairness.

Kreidler has done a solid job as insurance commissioner and he should be re-elected to a sixth term.