One of the most impressive candidates on the Nov. 8 ballot is Cyrus Habib. 

 The Bellevue Democrat and state senator is running for the lieutenant governor seat being vacated by the retiring Brad Owen. 

 Habib seems to be a great fit for the position, which includes serving as the president (presiding officer) of the Senate. 

A five-minute conversation with Habib would leave you with no doubt he has an incredible intellect, great people skills and a passion for making Washington better. 

Habib has been blind since the age of 8 when cancer took his sight. Nevertheless, he has a bachelor’s degree from New York’s Columbia University (a school with an acceptance rate of just 6 percent), was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in England and earned a law degree from Yale. Habib is now a lawyer in Bellevue and teaches law at Seattle University. 

His opponent, Republican Marty McClendon, is a solid candidate. He has a big personality and a lot of enthusiasm. And he is bright.

McClendon is now real estate agent in Gig Harbor and a conservative radio talk show host on a self-financed show. 

He does the show because he enjoys discussing issues and politics. In addition, he is a pastor. Prior to going into real estate, McClendon was an anesthesia technician for 13 years.

If he is elected, we have no doubt McClendon could do the job of lieutenant governor.  

But Habib’s skills and approach seem to be the perfect fit for the lieutenant governor’s position. He understands the policies and procedures of the Senate, and he is well versed in the lawmaking process. He is also prepared to fill in for the governor when he is out of the state. 

Habib wants to work on economic development efforts and serve as an ambassador for the cause. He plans to reach out to community leaders across the state to see how the state could aid economic development efforts. 

Habib will certainly do what he says based on his actions in our interview with him. Habib turned the tables on the Editorial Board, asking about Walla Walla as a community, seeking details on the economics of the area, the changes over the years and a variety of other information about trends in the region. 

He’s is the only candidate who asked what he could do for this community if he were elected. 

Cyrus Habib is impressive. 

We urge voters to elect him lieutenant governor.

Editorials are the opinion of the Union-Bulletin's Editorial Board. The board is composed of Brian Hunt, Rick Eskil, James Blethen and Alasdair Stewart