State Attorney General Bob Ferguson should be re-elected to a second term. He has done a solid job looking out for the interests of state government and the state’s residents. 

Ferguson, a Democrat, runs the Attorney General’s Office in a nonpartisan fashion — following a tradition in Washington state dating back to the 1950s — after Democrat John J. O’Connell, Republican Slade Gorton, Republican Ken Eikenberry, Democrat Chris Gregoire and Republican Rob McKenna.

When Ferguson took office following the 2012 election, he retained Republican McKenna’s staff, including the top deputies overseeing the various divisions. 

Ferguson has a solid record of doing what is right. He takes on powerful interests if he believes their actions are wrong and is a staunch advocate for open government. Ferguson took the open government ombudsman from part time under McKenna to a full-time staff position. 

Ferguson’s challenger, Libertarian Joshua B. Trumbull is a sharp attorney who is passionate about protecting consumers from abuse by lenders and others. In his private practice in Snohomish County, Trumbull represents those who believe they were bilked. He is clearly committed to helping people. 

Trumbull is doing a service to Washington by providing a challenger for Ferguson and working to keep consumer protection issues a core priority. Making incumbents face voters and stand on their records every four years is important to democracy. Trumbull opted to run as a Libertarian because he favors neither major party and believes the people should have more than two options. 

But Trumbull doesn’t have the depth or breadth of experience of Ferguson, who served on the King County Council for about a decade before being elected attorney general.

Ferguson has the legal knowledge, managerial experience and political acumen essential to being a strong attorney general. In addition, Ferguson has proved himself to have keen legal judgment. His opinions, while not always popular, have withstood legal challenges. He is a clear, independent thinker. 

We urge voters to re-elect Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

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