1. Provide all women and men with easily accessible, free, birth control.

2. Hold men equally responsible with women for either preventing unwanted conception or for providing for their baby. Women do not conceive babies by themselves, yet all too often have the sole responsibility for supporting and caring for them. Grandparents, too, often must provide for their beloved grandchildren while facing poor health or inadequate income in their senior years.

3. Government programs are needed to ensure that every child has enough to eat, a place to live, good medical care, a loving home and pre-school education. Kudos to volunteer programs like Birthright and Catholic Charities that help young mothers meet their needs and the needs of their little ones, and also offer adoption services for those unable to care for a little one. But meeting these needs is too big a task for private organizations to handle on their own. Anyone who opposes abortion should also favor providing for the precious lives of the newborns and children.

4. Acknowledge that when a mother’s life is at risk, abortion may be necessary to prevent the mother’s death. Often the unborn fetus, as in tubal pregnancies, is not viable.  As is true with almost all problems we Americans face, we need to find common ground. Whether you are pro-life, as I am, or pro-choice, we should all agree that decreasing the need for abortion by responsible behavior on the part of both men and women is a common goal.

Beth Call  

 Walla Walla

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