“And every time the Takers stamp out a Leaver culture, a wisdom ultimately tested since the birth of mankind disappears from the world beyond recall,” says novelist Daniel Quinn. Takers seek absolute and abusive control. Leavers desire only to live in harmony with all of nature — to live and let live. Which one are you?

Industry in general, and the gun industry in particular, manipulates their advertisements based on this psychology. For example, the subliminally embedding of childhood struggles, such as "mine is bigger than yours," into the advertising and sales of more powerful and dangerous guns. Euphemizing assault weapons as "modern sporting rifles" and calling weapons "inert" to minimize their inherent dangerousness also comes to mind.

The point is not that black lives matter more. It is not that white lives matter less. The point of the protests is simply to confront an attitude that persists in some segments of our society where black lives are treated as insignificant and disposable and to assert that, on the contrary, black lives should and do matter.