Walter Emory Loevenstein II

Walter Emory Loevenstein II

 Nov. 1, 1947 —  May 14, 2020

Walter Emory Loevenstein II, 72, passed away around May 14, 2020, peacefully during his sleep at his residence in Walla Walla.

Walt (lovingly called “Butch” by his parents) was born to Walter Sr. and Marion (Glaetzner) Loevenstein in Yakima, Washington on November 1, 1947. He grew up in Walla Walla, including having worked at the cannery after graduating from high school, followed by serving in the Air Force, from whence he was honorably discharged in 1971.  He was a Correctional Officer at the Walla Walla State Penitentiary for over 30 years and retired in 2012.

Walter loved science fiction and outer space, photography, music, driving for hours exploring nature and loved to make people laugh.

He was never married but was a hopeless romantic at heart.

He is survived by his daughter, Holly Forman-Patel; and his cousins, Mark and Laurie Kirk.

Walt would not have wanted a funeral and would instead want everyone he knew to live their lives to the fullest and to be the kindest person they could be to each another. Therefore, we request that on Thursday May 21, at 7 p.m., in lieu of a funeral, please think of Walt and consider one small act of kindness you could do in his name to honor him. Please feel free to post during this time on his Facebook page any memories you may have of him or the act of kindness you might complete in his memory.

His parting words to this world would most certainly have been “Live Long and Prosper”.