Michael Ray Powers

Michael Ray Powers  -  (Mikey/Dirt-man)


April 26, 1952 —  July 17, 2020

It seems fitting that one of the last things that Mikey did before unexpectedly sliding into home base for the final time, was to give his partner of 26 years, Sandi Powers, whom he often referred to as the love of his life, a big warm bear hug and a kiss.

He may have looked burly on the outside, but to those who knew and loved Dirt-man, especially his six step-grandchildren, he was a giant mushy teddy bear with a soft heart, big laugh, and a warm smile. He loved a good peanut butter and butter sandwich (jelly was a waste of time), and he spread his mayo at least 1” thick, (except when Sandi was looking!). At Thanksgiving time you’d have to fight him for the chocolate pudding pie, and then face-off with him at the card table afterwards, where he didn’t like to lose. When he wrapped his Christmas gifts, there was more tape than paper, and you always knew that one of your gifts would likely be a complete practical or unpractical joke… he absolutely loved making people laugh.

Born in Dayton, the Snake River and Blue Mountains were his second home. He was an avid angler and hunter, it has been said that when he went salmon fishing, on the rare occasion that he didn’t catch one, he may have purchased a salmon from his native friends Lou and Moon, posing with it afterwards for a photo as if it were his own… oh how he loved a good joke! If he caught a bass, no matter what, he always kept it to eat later. He was extremely passionate about deer, elk, and spent countless hours on drives with relatives and friends scouting for them, hunting them, and ultimately putting meat on the table. It gave him great joy to share summer sausage from his hunts with his grandkids.

Most mornings Dirt-man (a handle he gave himself during the time he spent on CB radio) would slip out the door for coffee with the guys, returning with just a bit left for Sandi, always reminding her that it was hot and to be careful not to burn her tongue. In the afternoons after working on their property that had been passed down from his brother and grandfather, you could often find him relaxing in his recliner watching old westerns on repeat over and over again, none of us understood his love of them! Mikey didn’t hold grudges, he could barely stay mad with anyone longer than 15 minutes, and he had no problem saying he was sorry whenever it was needed.

When he quickly made his way out of this world, we trust that he was finally reunited with his brothers Larry and Roger, most especially Larry whom he was closest with and dearly missed, and his favorite four-legged pal Squirt who preceded him in death.

Mike is survived by his wife, Sandi; his parents, Chet and Frieda Powers; his brother, Wayne Powers and his wife Tammy; his sister, Sandra Miller and her husband Ken; his step-children, Kim, Don, and Scott; numerous nieces and nephews, six grandchildren, snaggle-toothed sweet Molly, and a clutch of chickens that he loved to tend to daily.

Mikey Dirt-man Powers was far more than just another guy that many never made time to get to know, he was a true gem of a man and he will be dearly missed by many.