March 2021 Weather

A trio of cyclists make their way along the Mill Creek walking path on a sunny day March 23.

March was cooler than usual, like February, and April may warm the air and bring the Walla Walla Valley back to near-normal temperatures but could still fall slightly below.

The outlook for April calls for near to below normal temperatures and near-normal precipitation.

Highs for Walla Walla are expected to rise from 60 degrees at the start of April to 66 degrees by the end of the month and lows from 40 to 44 degrees, according to the national Climate Prediction Center.

March saw temperatures colder than usual. The average temperature was 45.7 degrees, 0.6 degrees cooler than normal.

High temperatures averaged 56.5 degrees, 1.3 degrees warmer than normal. The highest temperature was 72 degrees on March 18.

Low temperatures averaged 35 degrees, 2.4 degrees colder than usual. The coldest day was 28 degrees on March 10.

On four days of the month, temperatures fell below 32 degrees.

Precipitation totaled 0.61 inches during March.

Measurable precipitation — at least .01 inch — was received on seven days, with the heaviest, 0.18 inches, reported on March 21.

Precipitation this year has reached 3.47 inches, 3.12 inches below normal.

Since October, the water year precipitation in Walla Walla has been 9.29 inches, 4.32 inches below normal.

The windiest day was March 28, with 57 mph winds.

Dust, wind, walla walla

Blowing dust and limited visibility due to high winds in Walla Walla on Sunday, March 28, 2021.

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