Lester Callahan, right, places a Selah Alliance for Equality sign in the ground with Aaron Case, left, along South First Street in Selah Thursday.

SELAH — A Seattle-based attorney says Selah officials are engaging in unconstitutional behavior by removing signs that support Black Lives Matter and criticize City Administrator Don Wayman.

The letter from Joseph Cutler on behalf of the Selah Alliance For Equality to the city’s attorney comes two days after Wayman and Raymond dressed down City Council members who questioned why Wayman and Mayor Sherry Raymond were targeting SAFE’s signs but leaving other signs undisturbed.

Cutler said such selective enforcement and interpretation of the sign ordinance violates free-speech guarantees in both the U.S. and state constitutions.

“The law is clear,” Cutler said. “The Supreme Court, both in this state and nationally, have addressed this issue.”

If the city does not amend its ordinances and return SAFE’s confiscated signs, Cutler said he “will not hesitate to file suit” against the city and seek a restraining order.

SAFE members have been posting signs that promote the Black Lives Matter anti-police-brutality, anti-racism movement and call for Wayman to resign or be fired in yards and along city streets alongside campaign signs.

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