COLLEGE PLACE — City police will post anti-panhandling signs in various locations in College Place after City Council members Tuesday night gave their approval.

After Walla Walla police placed anti-panhandling signs in July in various locations, more panhandlers were spotted in College Place, according to College Place Police Chief Troy Tomaras. He said he didn’t have exact data showing they had migrated to College Place, and police had not received complaints. However, he said enough concern existed to ask for City Council’s “blessing to move forward” on installing signs as Walla Walla had done.

“The signs will encourage donations to charitable organizations,” he wrote in an email. “We are sensitive to their needs but encourage donations be made to ensure accountability and help reduce crime and fraud.”

Tomaras said locations for signs were to be determined, and he wanted to partner with local businesses. He also said he was researching where to get signs and how many to order.

Panhandling is not illegal in College Place or Walla Walla.

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