Oregonians will get 17% of their 2020 Oregon income taxes back as a kicker credit when they file their 2021 taxes next year, the Oregon Department of Revenue announced Tuesday.

Revenue officials determined more than a month ago that Oregon’s unique kicker rebate law would generate a jaw-dropping $1.9 billion. But they needed to finalize and certify exactly how much each tax filer would be entitled to.

The official answer is 17.341% of 2020 state income taxes paid. Taxpayers can find their 2020 tax liability on line 22 of their 2020 Form OR.

Oregonians get a kicker rebate when the state’s revenue exceeds by 2% or more what state forecasters projected far ahead of time.

People who paid 2020 Oregon income taxes can file for and receive the credit in 2022, even if they don’t owe Oregon taxes on their 2021 income.

A What’s My Kicker? calculator is currently active on the revenue agency’s website for personal income tax filers. To calculate your kicker, you’ll enter your name, Social Security Number, and filing status for 2020 and 2021. Visit the site here: ubne.ws/3ACA3vR

If you owe the state money, whether for back taxes or for other items such as court fines or child support, however, the state may use all or part of your kicker that debt first.

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