Spokane street bridge

Crews work on Spokane Street Bridge replacement.

Progress on the Spokane Street Bridge is making headway as girders were installed Tuesday.

The project will replace the 115-year-old, load-restricted bridge on Spokane Street between Alder and Main streets, which was removed in June.

The contractor will be forming, placing rebar and pouring the concrete end diaphragms, which will cap the girders'  and go between them. Girders are support beams for the bridge, according to a release.

Intermediate diaphragms will also be poured and will be mid-span between the girders.

This helps to keep the girders in correct positioning and not twist and buckle.

Girders are precast, prestressed and reinforced concrete. They were produced in Spokane and shipped to Walla Walla, according to a release.

Crews will then work on forming, placing rebar and pouring the concrete bridge barriers.

These barriers will match the barriers on the Palouse Street Bridge, a block to the East. Bridge sidewalks will be placed as well, the release stated.

The project will also complete streetscape and utility improvements and is expected to be finished by October, according to the Go Walla Walla site.

Chloe LeValley covers the cities of Walla Walla and College Place as well as agriculture and the environment in the Walla Walla Valley. She is a graduate of San Francisco State University and joined the Union-Bulletin's team in October 2019.