Council members are Mayor Lewis Key, Orrin Lyon, Brad Humbert, Jeff Anliker, Verl Pressnall, Steve Irving and Ed Chesnut. With Anliker absent, the Council voted as follows at their Monday meeting:

Consent Agenda: Approved an amendment to the Employee Pay Plan for the Aquatic Center to reflect the increase in the Oregon State Minimum Wage. 5-0.

Transit: Approved an authorizing resolution with the Federal Transit Administration, which is necessary for the city to continue receiving grant funds from that administration. 5-0.

BUS SERVICES: Awarded a bid for driving services for three city-owned, fixed-route buses to and from Walla Walla to the current provider, MV Transportation Inc., for $6,821 per month for the first year, $6,964 per month for the second year and $7,217 per month for the third year. 5-0.

Police: Authorized the replacement of a 2016 Ford Explorer with a 2018 model for the police department at a cost of $4,410.22 after insurance. The vehicle was totaled in an accident with a drunken driver earlier this year. 5-0.

Grants: Approved a resolution authorizing staff to apply for a local government grant of $225,000 from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department for improvements to Yantis Park. 5-0.

Property: Renewed the lease agreement renting the Carnegie Library Building at 815 S. Main St. to Jeanne LaMon, doing business as Shangri-La Salon and Boutique, for $6,480 for the first two years and $7,500 for the following two years, not including utilities. 5-0.

Council resignation: Accepted the resignation of Jeff Anliker from the Council for health reasons. 5-0.

Purchasing: Approved the purchase of $25,482.62 of wire for underground electrical work after a misunderstanding over prices; a staff member mistakenly believed the wire was priced per roll, for a total of approximately $7,500, rather than per foot. 5-0.