When: 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Where: Dayton City Hall, 111 S. First St., Dayton

PLANNING: Planning Department and code compliance updates from Meagan Bailey.

WASTEWATER: Wastewater Treatment Plant Project update from Trina Cole.

OVERLAY: East Clay Street Overlay Project update from Trina Cole.

DISPOSAL: Inert waste disposal site application update.

AUTHORIZE: Recommended action to adopt residential historic design guidelines; amend Dayton Historic Preservation Commission bylaws to reflect new meeting location; create position of Director of Planning ad Community Development and adopt job description, salary schedule and classification.

INTERVIEW: Interviewing City Council member applicants Christine Broughton, Cara James, Charity Herren.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: Discuss qualifications of applicants for elective office.

RECOMMENDED: Appoint someone to fill City Council position vacated by Zac Weatherford.

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