DAYTON — Columbia County commissioners voted this summer to establish a countywide flood control zone district, and now the community will have a say in whether to fund the district.

A proposition on general election ballots going out to registered voters later this week within the new flood control zone district will ask residents to weigh in on a permanent general excess tax levy of 10 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value.

This operations and maintenance levy would authorize the district to collect excess taxes on all taxable property within the district, to make districtwide improvements and fund public outreach and studies to accomplish district goals.

In a memo to commissioners in July, county Public Works Director Charles Eaton said that with an active flood control zone district, the county can maintain and repair the levee system in coordination with the cities of Dayton and Starbuck.

“With a dedicated funding source, the levees can receive consistent and prescribed maintenance,” Eaton wrote. “Consistent maintenance ensures the levees remain in good condition and may prevent levee failures, such as when the levee was breached during the flood of 1996.”

More than 4 miles of levees protecting about 598 acres are maintained by local agencies in Columbia County, Eaton said.