College Place City Council members are Michael Cleveland, Heather Schermann, Marge Nyhagen, Melodie Selby, Loren Peterson, Jerry Bobbitt, Norma Hernandez and Mayor Harvey Crowder. With all present Tuesday, the Council voted as follows:

traffic ordinance: Approved ordinance to prohibit vehicles from cutting corners to circumvent traffic control devices. Unanimous.

banking: Authorized mayor to sign professional services agreement with Community Bank to provide the city’s banking services. Unanimous.

wastewater: Authorized a loan funding agreement with the state Department of Ecology for $2.5 million for Wastewater Treatment Plant design services. Unanimous.

stormwater: Authorized application for 2019-2021 Stormwater Capacity grant from state Department of Ecology. Also authorized staff to redirect local operations and maintenance funding up to the amount of grant funding awarded toward capital stormwater projects. Unanimous.

permit: Authorized staff to provide public notice and submit the Notice of Intent to obtain coverage under the current National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Phase II permit to comply with state requirements. Unanimous.

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