College Place City Council

College Place City Council members are Michael Cleveland, Heather Schermann, Marge Nyhagen, Melodie Selby, Loren Peterson, Jerry Bobbitt, Norma Hernandez and Mayor Harvey Crowder. With none absent Tuesday, the Council voted as follows:

Engineering: Approved amendment to agreement with Safebuilt of Washington to provide on-call, special-project construction inspection and review services when needed. Unanimous.

Transportation: Approved applications to the state Transportation Improvement Board for funding for the Lamperti Street and Meadowbrook Boulevard Grand and Overlay Project and the 2019 Safewalks Sidewalks Program. Unanimous.

Street project: Authorized staff to advertise for bids on the Lamperti Street Grind and Overlay Project. Unanimous.

Street lighting: Approved acceptance of a $13,426 Transportation Improvement Board grant to convert city streetlights from sodium to LED lights. Unanimous.

Land purchase: Authorized city administrator to sign agreement with state Department of Natural Resources for the purchase of about 82 acres of DNR land immediately to the west of the city’s wastewater treatment plant. Land needed for additional treatment space to meet conditions of city’s upcoming permit by state Department of Ecology to operate plant. Unanimous.

Meter brass: Approved purchase and installation of brass meter adapters needed for water meter replacement program. Amount not to exceed $45,000. Unanimous.

Fees: Approved resolution to adopt updated administrative

fees and charges for 2019. Unanimous.