When: Today. Meeting begins at 7 p.m.

Where: College Place City Hall, 625 S. College Ave.

CONTRACT: Approve contract for sergeant’s position with city Police Department due to position being removed from bargaining unit sometime in 2005. New document specific to the position needed to give guidance for the administration of benefits and terms of employment.

GRANT: Approve resolution of support of Pacific Power Blue Sky grant for a solar array adjacent to replacement Water Well No. 2. The city to submit for the full funding of $439,197 for the project and will hear by end of this year if grant funds will be awarded.

TAX CREDIT: Adopt resolution to declare intent of the city to adopt legislation to authorize a local sales and use tax as a credit against the state sales and use tax for affordable and supportive housing.

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Approve request by Engineering Department to go out for bid for consultant services regarding aerial photography, color digital orthophotography, and digital elevation data.

SIDEWALK PROJECT: Authorize award of contract for the College Place Safewalk Project to TD&H Engineering to carry out preliminary engineering studies and design work for total not-to-exceed amount of $74,250. City was awarded $67,500 in April from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission for the project.

LAMPERTI STREET: Authorize execution of Lamperti Street Overlay and Sidewalk Construction contract with Humbert Asphalt for $366,105.75 and a $32,000 contract amendment with Anderson Perry for construction engineering services with an overall 10% contingency for a total not-to-exceed amount of $437,916.33. Awards contingent upon state Transportation Improvement Board approval.

REPRESENTATION: Discussion on need to replace representation on the Walla Walla Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization and Valley Transit due to resignation of Mayor Harvey Crowder.

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