College Place Police Department officer Dylan Schmick.

College Place Police Sgt. Dylan Schmick has called Eastern Washington home for most of his life, having grown up on his family’s farm in Whitman County. Now, he makes his home in the Walla Walla Valley and aims to serve the residents of College Place.

Schmick is a patrol sergeant with the CPPD. In a small department like College Place, though, a patrol sergeant can have several job duties.

“I oversee a squad of patrol officers as well as our detectives’ unit,” he said. “On top of responding to calls in and around the city, a majority of my time is spent on administrative tasks to better support our officers on the street. I operate as our department’s public information officer, and I assist our regional SWAT teams as a crisis/hostage negotiator.”

Schmick wasn’t always in law enforcement. He used to be in the medical field. After earning his master’s degree at Boise State University, he decided to change careers.

“I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my previous career field and wanted to find a different way to help people,” he said.

He also wanted to move back to Eastern Washington to be closer to home. That’s how he found his way to the Walla Walla Valley more than five years ago.

“I made an immediate connection with (CPPD) Chief Troy Tomaras at a testing center and College Place provided me the opportunity to move closer to home and work in a moderately sized agency where I knew I could make an immediate impact and not just be a number on a roster,” Schmick said.

Schmick said he has found his work with the CPPD to be fulfilling, especially being part of a team.

“I thoroughly enjoy working with the men and women who make up our department,” he said. “It is truly a family and one that I am proud to be a part of. We are a group of individuals who all come from different backgrounds and experiences with the common and selfless goal of helping those in the need to the best of our ability. I find this to be very rewarding.”

Still, he said some parts of the job has been challenging recently.

He said some of the state’s police reform laws, which he feels to be “knee-jerk reactions” by Washington legislators, have hurt the morale of law enforcement officers.

“Officers are frequently putting themselves in dangerous situations to re-arrest the same re-offending individuals who have lengthy criminal records,” Schmick said. “Explaining this situation to victims has become increasingly difficult. That being said, we come to work each day with a desire to make a difference and will continue to do the job we took an oath to do and hope that more accountability from our criminal justice system will come.”

Schmick married his wife, DaShari Schmick, about two years ago. DaShari also worked for the city of College Place. In fact, she was featured in the Union-Bulletin’s 39 under 39 last year. In her profile, she said she they wanted to start a family.

Since that profile was published, the couple has accomplished this goal, welcoming their first son about four months ago.

Schmick said that after his career in law enforcement, he could see himself making another change in occupations.

“I hope to continue my progression within the field of law enforcement,” he said, “with the potential of one day returning to the family farm to be the fourth generation to work the same land that we have since the early 1900s.”


Name: Dylan Schmick

Age: 31

Profession: Patrol sergeant for College Place Police Department

Residence: Walla Walla

Jeremy Burnham can be reached at jeremyburnham@wwub.com or 509-526-8321.


Jeremy covers courts, public safety and education for the Union-Bulletin. He graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2019 with a degree in journalism. He pursued a career in journalism in his 30s because he feels real, dependable news is important now more than ever. He aims to shine a light on both the good and bad that happens in the Valley. He is a big fan of all the EWU sports teams. Jeremy grew up in California but has lived in eastern Washington since 2001. When he’s not working, Jeremy loves spending time with his wife, Hanna, and their Goldendoodle, Nala. Follow Jeremy on Twitter @ub_jeremy.  

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