Washington state, Walla Walla County officials report COVID-19 vaccination progress

A COVID-19 vaccine is administered at Walla Walla County Fairgrounds in February.

Umatilla County health officials reported another COVID-19 death Monday, July 19.

A 62-year old woman, with underlying health conditions, tested positive for the virus on Feb. 10 and died Feb. 28 at Trios Hospital in Kennewick.

The death makes a toll of 92 in the county, and follows two more deaths reported Friday, July 16 in Umatilla County, noted Alisha Lundgren, deputy director of the public health department.

In Walla Walla County, active COVID-19 case numbers continue to be higher than this time last year. Officials reported on Monday there are 34 new cases, while the weekend saw 22 cases added to the counts, for a total of 56 more cases since Friday.

On July 17, 2020, there were 14 new cases of the illness.

Numbers for Walla Walla County, July 19:

  • Total COVID-19 cases rose by 130, from 5,739 on July 13 to 5,869; 4,393 of those have had Walla Walla addresses, followed by College Place at 762 residents.
  • Active cases on Monday, July 19, totaled 220, with 10 residents hospitalized.
  • The death toll is 68 people, according to local officials, while state officials are
  • .
  • 60,658 COVID-19 vaccine doses have been given, up 417 from the week before.

Numbers for Umatilla County, July 13:

  • There were 24 new cases of the coronavirus and total COVID-19 cases were at 8,958, up by 144 people from last week. On July 17, 2020, there were 42 new cases of the disease reported here.
  • The death toll is 92 people.
  • 27,263 people have been vaccinated: 2,624 in Milton-Freewater, 482 in Athena and 314 in Weston.

Numbers for Columbia County, July 16:

  • 139 total cases, up by seven from last week.
  • The death toll stands at six.
  • 3,233 vaccine doses have been given.

Information for Columbia County is from Washington state Department of Health.

  • 480 new cases; 461,847 total cases.
  • One new death, 6,043 total deaths.
  • 777 new cases from Saturday, Sunday and Monday; 212,755 total.
  • Nine new deaths; 2,826 total.

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