Former Lafayette, Colorado, Mayor Pro-tem Gustavo Reyna is bringing the experience of five years in city government to his campaign for Walla Walla City Council Position 3.

Reyna, 63, has multiple years of professional experience in the technical industrial field. He’s currently the global strategic marketing manager for Intel Corp., living in Walla Walla with his wife, Colette, and daughter, Gabriela.

Reyna is running for the at-large Position 3, being vacated by Councilman Marty Huie, who is running to represent the South Ward in Position 1.

Reyna, who also currently heads the local Community Council’s task force on affordable housing, said he’s focused on building a united community of people.

“Supporting our city in being a sustainable and livable community takes all of us working together,” Reyna said. “When we listen to each other and understand our shared humanity, that is when we truly build a community, united in pursuing common goals and committed to make Walla Walla a place where we all belong and we are all proud and grateful to call home.”

Reyna said during his tenure in Lafayette, he was able to accomplish several initiatives, such as bringing land into city limits for parks, public spaces and affordable housing — something he believes he can do for Walla Walla, too.

Housing security is an area Reyna said is at the core of Walla Walla’s issues today.

“I want to use my experience developing a prosperous and thriving community to envision the future of our unique city and culture here in Walla Walla,” he said. “I represent the aspirations of the emerging generations of Walla Walla residents, focused on opportunities, affordability, equity and quality of life.”

Reyna said he wants to help bring together a diverse set of voices in Walla Walla, and he sees that diversity as a key component for the city’s future success, as well as educational opportunities and a vibrant job market.

In June, Reyna began a “listening tour.” He said he’s learned much about the city in that time and is “rediscovering the humanity in us all.”

“I recognize that running for public office is not a task that too many people are comfortable pursuing,” Reyna said. “However it does have its moments of joy. The best part of the campaign, so far, has been the insightful conversations that I have had with a variety of folks in town.”

You can read more about Reyna’s campaign at

Jedidiah Maynes can be reached at or 509-526-8318.

Jedidiah Maynes is a reporter for the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin covering a variety of topics including local court cases. He enjoys making music and puns.

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