Election Night Results

A sign on the Walla Walla Courthouse lawn shows voters, observers and tabulators where to go during the primary election Tuesday evening, Aug. 3, 2021.

Though almost 2,000 more votes have been counted in the Walla Walla County primary election since voting day, the results in the three races remain unchanged as of Friday, Aug. 6.

Now, according to Elections Supervisor David Valiant, there isn’t likely enough votes remaining to flip any race.

Staff at the Walla Walla County Elections Department posted 1,970 new votes Friday evening. This brings the turnout to 7,600.

Valiant said the latest count includes most ballots that were turned in or mailed on voting day. He said only a small “handful” of votes remain to be counted.

“We’re looking at less than 200 ballots remaining,” Valiant said. “We have about 65 ballots that we have signature checked but we haven’t opened yet. Then we have about 50 something ballots that got damaged on our letter opener. So really, there’s not much left after today.”

Any ballot remained to be counted will be done so on Monday, Aug. 16. The election will be certified the next day.

The race that was most likely to be affected by the latest count wasn’t. Incumbent Terri Trick still leads the race for Position 2 of the Walla Walla School Board with 3,687 votes, or 48.96%.

The retired educator will be joined in the November general election by firefighter James Stovall, who has 2,256 votes, good for 29.96%.

Before Friday, Stovall led Becky Waggoner-Schwartz by only 427 votes. The new count saw Stovall double his lead as Waggoner-Schwartz now has 1,559 votes for 20.7%.

Percentages in the other two county races are largely unchanged as well.

Adam Kirtley (957 votes for 62.51%) and Brian Casey (483 votes for 31.55%) move on for the November Walla Walla City Council Position 2 race, while Burl Wallace (84 votes for 5.49%) is eliminated.

Gustavo Reyna (2,827 votes for 47.18%) and M. Rick Phillips (2,124 votes for 35.45%) move on for the Walla Walla City Council Position 3 race, while Sharon Kay Schiller (961 votes for 16.04%) is eliminated.

Jeremy Burnham can be reached at jeremyburnham@wwub.com or 509-526-8321.


Jeremy covers education, as well as Dayton and Columbia County, for the Union-Bulletin. He graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2019 with a degree in journalism.

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