College Place City Council members are Michael Cleveland, Heather Schermann, Marge Nyhagen, Melodie Selby, Larry Dickerson, Loren Peterson, Jerry Bobbitt and Mayor Harvey Crowder. With Selby and Schermann participating by telephone Tuesday, the Council voted as follows:

transportation: Approved adoption of city’s six-year Transportation Improvement Plan for2019-2024. Plan prioritizes road improvements and is updated annually. Unanimous.

water: Approved agreement with city of Walla Walla to maintain water system intertie with Walla Walla in the event the city needs a backup water supply. Unanimous.

sign policy: Approved policy to guide individuals and organizations wanting to post messages on the electronic sign outside City Hall. Unanimous.

parking: Approved updates to city ordinance regarding time limits for parking on public streets and parking areas. Unanimous.

engineering: Authorized city public works director to advertise for engineering services for redesign of city wastewater treatment plant. Unanimous.

wastewater plant: Authorized expenditure of $40,000 for the purchase of a blower to replace one that failed at wastewater treatment plant. Unanimous.