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A Walla Walla woman accused earlier this year of stealing from people she cared for and their children, was charged Monday with possession of both meth and controlled substance at a prison.

Rachael I. Butler, 34, received the latest charges after reports say she tried planting drugs on the truck owned by a man she’d had a relationship with who works at the Washington State Penitentiary. The man was recently granted full custody of their child, records state. Her arraignment is scheduled for July 15.

Butler was identified by WSP staff, who allegedly saw her enter the east parking lot of the prison on May 3 and leave a package with possible drugs near the passenger side front wheel well of a red Dodge truck, according to court records.

She allegedly entered through a grassy area instead of the gate. The truck’s owner told police she took the route because she knew no security cameras were there, as she was a former Pentitentiary employee, records stated.

While police were gathering evidence, a woman called the prison saying she had information about an employee who had drugs, then hung up. She called again saying she was supposed to meet the truck owner to buy narcotics from him, records stated.

The package — originally a cellphone container — contained meth, a glass smoking device with suspected drug residue, two syringes, aluminum foil with residue, empty plastic baggies and a plastic bindle with broken prescription pills, records stated. Since the package was from a cellphone and had its model, serial numbers, and more, officers were able to track it to Butler, records stated.

Due to the more recent alleged crimes, Butler’s pretrial release was revoked on her first case. She was housed at Walla Walla County Jail on a $17,500 bond.

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