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Walla Walla man sentenced to prison for robbery, beating

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A Walla Walla man was sentenced Tuesday in Walla Walla County Superior Court to a year and a month in prison for beating a man, stealing items and locking him in the basement of his home.

Douglas P. Davis, 33, originally was charged Feb. 19 with first-degree robbery and second-degree kidnapping, but made a plea deal with prosecutors to receive charges of second-degree assault and attempted unlawful imprisonment on Nov. 20, to which he pleaded guilty.

Davis allegedly beat a man Feb. 15 intermittently for several hours with a pipe wrench and forced him to move items belonging to him and Lindsey R. Stimpfle, including keys to his truck and his phone, into Stimpfle’s Dodge Neon, records stated.

The victim earlier that day had asked Stimpfle, 32, of Walla Walla, to move out of the home on the 700 block of Division Street, and placed Stimpfle’s belongings in the garage.

However, Stimpfle returned later that day with Davis, records stated. He also locked the man in the home’s basement for an hour while stealing his items, records stated, then Davis and Stimpfle fled in the car. They later were found with the stolen items by police.

The man waited until he believed they were gone, broke free, and ran to a nearby home for help without any shoes, records stated.

He told police the two had taken his phone and turned on the bath water on the floor above him to drown out noise, records stated.

Stimpfle was sentenced in June to six months in jail, serving only weekends for the last 30 days because she has three children, records stated. She made a plea agreement to charges of second-degree solicitation to assault and unlawful imprisonment.

Davis had an offender score of three for the first charge, with a standard sentencing range of 13 to 17 months in prison. The standard range on the second charge was up to 364 days in jail.

His sentence included: 13 months on count one and 364 days on count two, running concurrently, and credit for 284 days in jail; 18 months of community custody; no contact with the victim; evaluations for substance abuse and anger management; to-be-determined restitution; and $500 in fines and fees.

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