Walla Walla Police Department vehicle

Walla Walla Police Department vehicle

Local police said a College Place teen boy led officers on a dangerous, high-speed chase through Walla Walla and College Place this weekend.

According to court records and a release from the Walla Walla Police Department, the chase happened Saturday night, May 22, and reached speeds up to 90 mph down arterial roads.

In the end, the youth, who turned 16 in November, was arrested and booked into the Walla Walla County Juvenile Justice Center for investigation of first-degree assault, two counts of eluding police and three counts of reckless endangerment.

Those charges were filed this week, according to court records, and the teen’s arraignment is scheduled for June 4.

According to the arresting officer’s statement, the teen was spotted in a pickup truck at the intersection of North Second Avenue and West Rose Street on Saturday evening, and the Walla Walla officer reportedly recognized the truck from a Friday pursuit.

The truck had no license plates in the Friday pursuit, and the driver successfully eluded officers that day.

Police on Saturday ran the plates that were now on the pickup, and their database showed the plates as stolen. The officer turned on his emergency lights at the intersection of West Rose Street and North 13th Avenue, and the truck driver sped off.

The chase reached speeds of about 90 mph going down West Rose Street into College Place, according to court records. Walla Walla officers were joined by Washington State Patrol, Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office and College Place Police Department personnel.

Eventually, the teen stopped the pickup in a cul de sac near Northwest Maria Street and Blalock Drive, according to the release.

The primary officer got out of his patrol vehicle with his gun pointed at the pickup, and the boy allegedly sped forward. The officer had to jump out of the way of the oncoming truck, which led to the officer submitting a charge of first-degree assault — a Class A felony.

The teen continued to flee in the pickup and finally stopped at the parking lot of Andy’s Market on South College Avenue.

The teen was arrested. Three other juveniles were found in the pickup but were not arrested. According to court documents, the other youths in the car told police they had pleaded with the driver to stop and surrender himself.

According to court documents, the teen arrested had also driven through a person’s yard in College Place.

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