A Milton-Freewater man accused of multiple felonies in multiple cases was sentenced Wednesday morning in Walla Walla County Superior Court to four and a quarter years in prison — minus credit for timed served — followed by 30 days in the county jail.

Scott A. McIntosh, 50, was sentenced in three separate cases. In the first two, he had the same charges: first-degree unlawful firearm possession, second-degree stolen property possession and meth possession.

The third case, to which he pleaded guilty Wednesday, charged him with second-degree criminal trespassing.

A fourth case — accusing him of eluding police on a high-speed chase back and forth between Walla Walla and Milton-Freewater and third-degree driving with a suspended license — was dismissed in December.

Walla Walla County Prosecuting Attorney Jim Nagle said the dismissal was given because he agreed to plead guilty to charges in the other cases.

In the first case, his original charges were stolen firearm possession, two counts of first-degree unlawful firearm possession, meth possession, using drug paraphernalia and third-degree driving with a suspended license. However, the charges were amended during a plea bargain in August to the above listed.

Those charges stemmed from a traffic stop Jan. 9, 2019, by Walla Walla police who recognized McIntosh and his passenger, Cody Ferguson, records stated.

After a warrant search, police found meth, drug paraphernalia, two firearms — one of which was stolen, ammunition, three holsters and 11 license plates from Washington and Oregon vehicles, records stated. McIntosh was a convicted felon at the time and not allowed to possess firearms.

The original charges for the second case also were amended in August, as they were meth possession, possession of more than 1 ounce of marijuana, first-degree unlawful firearm possession, stolen firearm possession, possession of another person’s identification and using drug paraphernalia.

The accusations stemmed from when Walla Walla police found McIntosh on Jan. 19, 2019, camping in a handicapped spot at Fort Walla Walla Park in a recreational vehicle registered to someone else, records stated. When asked to come out, McIntosh crawled out the front of the camper instead of using the door, claiming the door was broken.

However, police discovered the door worked, records stated. Additionally, police found a stolen firearm, meth, marijuana, stolen credit cards and a stolen Social Security card, ammunition and drug paraphernalia.

In the meantime, McIntosh also crashed his motorcycle in August 2019 on state Route 125, was taken to the hospital for injuries and cited for negligent driving. His attorney, Robin Olson, stated in court documents McIntosh “was unconscious for several days because of severe head trauma” and was placed in a medically induced coma, had been released from a rehab facility just before the crash and had stopped taking his medication — all of which caused him to forget pleading guilty to previous charges. McIntosh then was sent to Eastern State Hospital for a mental evaluation, records stated, which later showed he was competent to stand trial.

Charges for the third case also were amended from the original, which was meth possession, stemming from a warrant arrest on Oct. 23, 2019, near Walla Walla Valley Honda on Southeast Commercial Drive.

On Wednesday, McIntosh’s sentence included 51, 29 and 24 months for the first case’s charges, all of which will run concurrently, minus credit for 308 days served; 51, 29 and 24 months for the second case’s charges, all running concurrently and concurrent with the first case, minus credit for 310 days served; and 30 days for the third case, which will run consecutively to the first two cases.

Since the amended charge in the third case was a misdemeanor, second-degree criminal trespassing, Nagle said state law required the term be carried out in Walla Walla County Jail.

His financial obligations included to-be-determined restitution and $500 fines and fees on the first case; to-be-determined restitution, and $500 fines and fees on the second case; and $250 fines and fees on the third case.

Additionally, McIntosh was ordered to a year of probation on the first case and 51 months for the second.

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