Walla Walla County Courthouse

A local man pleaded not guilty Monday in Walla Walla County Superior Court to fracturing an officer’s nose, kicking another officer and threatening various people.

Tyler M. Usko, 34, of Walla Walla, is charged with second- and third-degree assault and disorderly conduct after officers responded to the Christian Aid Center, where he allegedly was trying to fight people.

When officers were called to the Center on Christmas Eve, Usko told them “it was all a misunderstanding,” records stated.

But officers had received three calls related to Usko’s alleged fighting behavior, records stated, including at Providence St. Mary Medical Center, where police were told he had to be helped getting inside. Later, officers were called again when Usko refused to be discharged from the Center, but he left before they arrived, records stated.

After leaving the hospital, Usko went to the Christian Aid Center, where he was challenging people to fight and scaring children, records stated. Additional officers and Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded, as Usko and another were suspected of potential violence, records stated.

Usko was negotiated into a patrol car and taken to the Walla Walla County Jail, where he allegedly refused to take off his boots and necklace, records stated. Officers tried removing his boots, and he allegedly punched one in the face, fracturing the officer’s nose and possibly concussing him, records stated.

Usko also kicked another officer in the chest, and the officer punched Usko’s ribs, records stated.

A corrections officer put a vascular neck restraint on Usko, which made him lose consciousness and allowed officers to put him in a restraint to inhibit fighting, records stated. Usko allegedly was uncooperative while being taken to the hospital after losing consciousness, but he was treated.

He has remained in jail since his arrest Dec. 24 with a $300,000 bond.

Usko’s trial was scheduled for March 3.

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