gavel in courtroom

A state penitentiary inmate was sentenced Monday in Walla Walla County Superior Court to an extra year in prison for punching a corrections officer in the face.

Jesse J. Flores, 31, was charged in June 2019 with second-degree assault for allegedly punching the officer after being asked to walk through a metal detector. Apparently, Flores told the guard he couldn’t pass through detectors due to a medical device inside him. 

When the officer was checking paperwork to verify Flores condition, the inmate punched him in the face and knocked a tooth, records stated.

In a plea agreement the charge against Flores was reduced to custodial assault, to which he pleaded guilty Monday.

His sentence includes serving 12 months, running consecutively to his current prison sentence in 2011 from Yakima County, plus 12 months in community custody, $600 in fines and fees, and $2,005.42 in restitution.

He still has about five years remaining on the Yakima County Case, which had a total of about 14.25 years. Charges in that case were unavailable by press time.

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