BURBANK — Authorities are investigating a high-speed chase and officer-involved shooting Saturday afternoon that Washington State Patrol officials said started in Columbia County and ended on U.S. Highway 12 near Burbank.

Officers eventually wounded and captured a woman on the highway, which delayed traffic for hours, State Patrol reported. The chase began with an alleged robbery by two women in a stolen Prius, the WSP release stated.

At one point, the woman in the passenger seat jumped from the car, was arrested, and taken to the Columbia County Jail, according to the report.

Deputies from Franklin and Columbia counties were joined by state troopers in chasing the suspects. They eventually used spike strips to stop the Prius.

The woman driving then displayed a firearm, and troopers and a deputy fired their guns, striking the woman. She barricaded herself in the car, but State Patrol SWAT members eventually arrested her and treated her for her injuries.

She was taken to a hospital and is expected to live, according to the release. Her injuries were unknown.

No law enforcement members were injured, but two troopers were taken to the Pasco Police Department for standard processing during officer-involved shootings.

The Special Investigative Unit, comprised of multi-agency authorities, is investigating, as is standard for use of force and the involvement of multiple agencies. Richland and Benton counties will investigate the officer-involved shooting, WSP reported.

State Patrol Chief John Batiste said in the release he was thankful for the public’s patience while the crime scene was investigated, as well as the courage of the authorities involved.

Those with information on the alleged crimes can contact the Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office at 527-3265.

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