Local business owners Beth and Brian Luxton are likely best known as the owners of E Street Driving School, but they are chasing another dream a few blocks from the reconditioned ex-firehouse that is the home of their bread and butter.

The Luxtons have established a place of emotional healing and awakening in a studio set back from Isaacs Avenue far enough to afford a measure of quiet and peace.

Jules Wings — Jules is for joy and Wings is for soaring to new heights — operates at 1637 Isaacs Ave. 

Brian Luxton practices Reiki, a traditional Japanese technique based on the idea of channeling energy to help patients restore physical and emotional well-being.

“I’ve always chafed at allopathic modalities. Stethoscopes, white coats — that never made sense to me,” he said. “This kind of practice has been beneficial to me. … when the training became available to do Reiki at a high level, it clicked.”

Beth Luxton is a certified hypnotherapist with a background in social work and entrepreneurship reflected in her academic credentials, a bachelor’s degree in business education and a master’s degree in social work.

Her work in the local mental health arena started in 2000 in Dayton and led to time in management, which was less than satisfying.

“I was just herding cats with case managers,” she said.

She branched into hypnotherapy as a way to help people take a deeper view of themselves and to take control of their lives.

“Hypnotherapy is not about making you quack like a duck,” Brian Luxton said.

“It’s about healing,” Beth affirmed.

Jules Wings has occupied space at 1637 Isaacs Ave. since 2015 and in its current part of the property since mid-February.

It includes rooms for Reiki and hypnotherapy practice, and has a soothing, welcoming design — as well as comfy chairs and a giant teddy bear — that contributes to the feeling of an oasis.

“If a person is interested in subtle energy and emotional healing, we can assist,” Brian Luxton said.

The Luxtons say they hope to eventually turn over day-to-day operations at E Street to employees so they can throw their efforts fully into Jules Wings.

That will entail raising the practice’s profile at places like farmer’s markets and continuing to network with other health care professionals to garner referrals.

“It’s not pulling its own plow, but it will,” Brian Luxton said.


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