The following commercial building permits and permits for residential projects costing more than $75,000 were issued by the city of Walla Walla during February.

Walla Walla School District 1150 W. Chestnut St. $500,000 — Remove turf roof, lay membrane roof and fence roof perimeter

City of Walla Walla 700 W. Cherry St. $15,000 — Shade structure alteration

City of Walla Walla 925 Mountain Park Drive $21,623.25 — Construct a pre-fab restroom

Blue Mountain Community Church 928 Sturm Ave. $25,000 — Remodel to include exterior doors, hallway and two ADA ramps Contractor: Eagon Excavating & Construction

Providence St. Mary Medical Center 401 W. Poplar St. $260,000 — Reinforce flooring for installation of medical equipment and install mini-split

Providence Health and Services 1025 S. Second Ave. $1,995,000 — New outpatient ambulatory surgery facility Contractor: Jackson Contractor Group

Jacobs-Servin LLC 1950 Melrose St. $97,001.32 — Siding and replacement of 54 windows Contractor: Silverbow Roofing Inc.

Stonecreek Custom Homes LLC 2616 Molten Court $325,424.96 — Construct a 2,324-square-foot home with 723-square-foot garage, 49-square-foot porch and 132-square-foot patio Contractor: Stonecreek Custom Homes

Whitman College 221 Fulton St. $80,000 — Remodel to include plumbing, venting, sheetrock, insulation, electrical, cabinets, windows and stairs Contractor: NYE Construction LLC

The following commercial building permits and permits for residential projects costing more than $75,000 were issued by Walla Walla County during February.

Tobias & Stephanie Slater 16508 W. U.S. Highway 12 $388,157.72 — Construct a 2,978-square-foot two-story residence with 594-square-foot covered porch and 609-square-foot garage

Kris & Zana Carver 180 Equestrian Way $434,013.64 — Construct a 3,011-square-foot two-story residence with 2,118-square-foot covered porch and 1,064-square-foot garage Contractor: KC Industries Inc.

Ian Koschak-Srock & Sarah Lawson 2854 Detour Road $147,284.32 — Construct a 1,098-square-foot residence with 283-square-foot covered porch/patio and 560-square-foot garage

Gray Lynn Farms LLC 2967 Gray Lynn Lane $553,025.48 — Construct a 3,799-square-foot residence with 403-square-foot bonus, 730-square-foot covered porch and 1,159-square-foot garage Contractor: Shivell Construction

Mark & Sasha Ferraro 603 S.W. 12th St. $387,268.60 — Construct a 2,890-square-foot residence with 463-square-foot covered porch and 1,105-square-foot garage Contractor: Brown’s Construction

Rodney Aragon & Valerie Najera-Aragon 102 Mia Lane $393,127.24 — Construct a 3,026-square-foot residence with 319-square-foot covered porch and 795-square-foot garage Contractor: Tailor Made Homes LLC

Gabriel Acosta 2437 Kendall Road $90,907.68 — Construct a 732-square-foot addition and 108-square-foot covered patio

Gerald & Vicki Ross 1378 Lake Road $114,130.16 — Construct a 1,024-square-foot attached garage, including 144-square-foot covered porch Contractor: Deko Builders LLC

Jeff Presler 19392 E. U.S. Highway 12 $90,000 — Construct a 3,600-square-foot shop Contractor: Lybecker Construction Inc.

Granite Farms LLC 3770 Hanson Loop $75,000 — Construct a 3,000-square-foot steel building

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 1885 Shoreline Road $68,000 — Construct a 950-square-foot electrical building for river station Contractor: IRZ Consulting

First Baptist Church 2006 McMinn Road $38,640 — Construct an 800-square-foot well house well

JJW Cranberries LLC 20319 W. U.S. Highway 12 $66,000 — Construct a 350-square-foot electrical building for Ice Harbor booster Contractor: IRZ Consulting LLC

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