Life seems filled with a vast amount of nobodies and somebodies. Now, before we move further, let me say clearly, I strongly believe that every nobody is a somebody, and that every somebody is still a nobody.

OK, now let’s move on. As far as I can tell, in all of history, every nobody secretly, even overtly, actually desires to be a somebody. Yet, on the other hand, somebodies certainly have no desire to return to being a nobody!

It seems there is a limited amount of “golden tickets” which give the nobodies an opportunity to become somebodies; and getting one of those invitations to the somebody-dance is next to impossible.

Whenever a nobody moves up to the seat of a somebody, it tastes as sweet as fresh strawberry ice cream! At least, that is what a somebody told me. However, a bowl of ice cream does not last forever and even the somebody will still, at times, feel like a nobody. Nobody is a somebody forever.

History records a magnitude of records about interactions between nobodies and somebodies. They are somebodies who challenge other somebodies with nobodies watching from afar. When the dust settles, in each of these epic historical events, there are newly positioned somebodies, as well as dejected nobodies, who once were somebodies.

To prove my point about this historical record of nobodies and somebodies, just take a look at Fred Flintstone! He also was a nobody who wanted to be a somebody.

After thinking a lot about the nobodies and somebodies I conclude that the final entry into this picture of humanity is the need for one more group. This is the party from whom I personally want to receive an invitation: the “whosoever” group. The cool thing about the whosoevers is that they welcome all the other groups, freely, with no strings attached.

The whosoevers are unique and maybe a little strange. Rather than wanting to be a somebody, they choose to be a nobody in order to help somebody. Whosoevers realize that being a somebody or a nobody is nothing compared to knowing you are a whosoever.

The Ultimate Founder of the whosoevers was and is quite a Teacher. In fact, some would say he was the Best Teacher who ever walked on the face of the earth!

His teaching always included the somebodies and the nobodies. His call was to every whosoever of the world.

The name of this unifier is Jesus, and today he calls you, whosoever you are, to let him give you joy, peace and new life. Once you discover this Lord Jesus you will better understand what I mean in these musings about nobodies, somebodies and whosoevers. For I am happy I have become a whosoever!

John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him will not

perish but have everlasting


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