Part 8

From the Washington Statesman, 3 January 1862, Walla Walla, Washington Territory:

“Two men named Bebee and Davis got into an altercation on Whisky Creek last Sunday, about a ‘family affair,’ which resulted in the shooting of Davis by Bebee.

“Bebee gave himself up and had an examination before Esquire Horton, on Monday, which resulted in his acquittal, it appearing in the testimony that he committed the act in self-defense. Davis has since died.”

“Our thanks are due to Ned Maroney of the Crystal Saloon, for a ‘flowing bowl’ of egg-nog, presented on New Year’s day. We never cultivated a taste for such articles, but we confess that such egg-nogs as Ned makes would soon make us decidedly partial to the drink.”

From the Washington Statesman, 10 January 1862, Walla Walla, Washington Territory:

“The weather during the past two weeks has been excessively cold. Snow has been lying on the ground to the depth of eight or ten inches, huge icicles hanging pendant from the eaves, and water freezing into solid


“On Saturday morning last, the thermometer stood at ten degrees below zero, which was the coldest day we have had, and we think quite cold enough.

“Whew! How the cold frost bites, and the snow creaks under foot! Sunday the weather moderated a little, but up to within a day or two, it has been uniformly so cold since the storm set in us to render out-door life extremely disagreeable. ...

“It is fortunate that such weather is of short duration in this locality, for we can see but little use of it.

“Sleigh-riders can’t enjoy it; business certainly receives no impetus through its continuance; the mail coach is obstructed in its course, cutting off even the stray glimpses of the world around us which we have heretofore enjoyed; …the farmers are surely not infatuated with the weather, and the laundry-women can’t dry their clothes.”

Susan Pickett was professor of music at Whitman College from 1981–2018. She is the author of “Marion and Emilie Frances Bauer: from the Wild West to American Musical Modernism” — a biography about two women born in Walla Walla whose careers in the New York City music scene spanned 1896–1955.

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