{image}{imagePath}/tcms_purged/union-bulletin_local/AdobeInDesignDocuments/WUB/09/A/Images/WUB_02092020_A002/48fe1d3c-4966-11ea-b4e1-00163ec2aa77/48fe1d3c-4966-11ea-b4e1-00163ec2aa77.jpg{/imagePath}{photoCredit}Photos collected by JOE DRAZAN/BYGONE WALLA WALLA PROJECT{/photoCredit}

{caption}Fort Walla Walla Cemetery, 155mm French cannons at gate, April 1962.

CUTLINE FOR ALL PICS: This series of historical photos documents the many locations of the two World War I cannons (the French 155mm guns) now stationed at Fort Walla Walla Park. They were first located in Pioneer Park for many years (see the 1937 photo here). During World War II, they were relocated to the old Walla Walla High School campus on Palouse Street for the ROTC to “practice” with, according to records. After the war, they were moved to the military cemetery at Fort Walla Walla (see the 1962 photo). They were moved to the Fort Walla Walla Park entrance on The Dalles Military Road when that city park was created in 1963. The World War I veterans standing on the cannon in the 1967 photo were there for the 50th anniversary reunion of the end of that war. Now restored by the Loose Cannon Committee, the two cannons are at the Fort Walla Walla Park entrance on Myra Road. (To view thousands more vintage Walla Walla images, go online to Joe Drazan’s Bygone Walla Walla site.){/caption}

{standaloneHead}FROM THE VAULT: WWI CANNONS{/standaloneHead}