Walla Walla High School Class of 1962 graduate Jerry Zahl, who started the Walla Walla Public High Schools Scholarship Fund in 2012, reports the year-end total has settled at $117,335.46.

He added that following a generous gift in December, five other gifts added $1,119.62 to the fund.

He hoped for at least $119,620 by year’s end “but a little market erosion clipped that short. Anyway, all is well.” 

For 2019-2020 school year financial assistance, he said the fund will probably pay around $4,000.

“We are blessed. A very good purpose is being served,” and he appreciates all those who have supported the cause.

“We are working toward opening wider doors so that local public high school students with limited financial resources will be able to acquire additional education beyond high school,” he said in an item on the Walla Walla Public Schools website. 

“You do not need to be a millionaire to give to this scholarship fund. Each graduate contributing their graduation year in dollars and cents annually would be a good place to start. The acceptance and support from the local community has been absolutely fantastic from the beginning because everyone senses the need.”

Fund donations may be made through Blue Mountain Community Foundation at bluemountainfoundation.org.

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