SEATech advanced manufacturing and welding instructor James Polson garnered recognition for continued commitment and contributions to the Core Plus Aerospace program.

Recognition came in a letter from Boeing Workforce Development Senior Manager Michelle Burreson, reported the online Walla Walla School District newsletter.

“James invests in the success of his students and works diligently to ensure that they are prepared to take advantage of post-high school opportunities,” she wrote. “Just this week, members of our team participated in mock interviews with James’ students and came away impressed by their preparation, professionalism and thoughtful responses to our questions.”

James, who regularly takes students to Boeing facilities for field trips and curriculum-related experiences, said about 20% of his graduates are involved with Boeing through paid internships or employment.

“It’s a great partnership and gives the students more options when they graduate to start a career in manufacturing,” he said in the release. “Students typically start at $20 per hour and make about $60,000 in their first year and can build their career from there.”

Students can prepare for high-demand jobs through hands-on learning via the two-year Core Plus Aerospace high school manufacturing curriculum.

Students learn real-world skills that open doors to good-paying manufacturing jobs and give them a clear advantage when pursuing apprenticeships, post-high school certificates or college degrees.

Industry leaders such as Boeing developed and support Core Plus Aerospace, which is delivered in a classroom setting and provides opportunities for students to explore careers in industries of interest while in high school.

James’ mastery in preparing students to be successful is evident, Michelle said.

“When we engage with students from SEATech, we have confidence that not only will they possess a high-degree of technical proficiency, but that they will also display an impressive ability to effectively communicate their knowledge and expertise,” she said.

“In our experience, in addition to highly capable students, this is also a product of James’ hard work and dedication.”

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